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Many seniors jump back into the work world at some point during retirement. This is a great way to earn some extra income and fill your days doing something you enjoy or pursuing a new interest. Whether you’re looking for tech-oriented work or hoping to start a business, there are plenty of flexible options out there that won’t interfere with your retirement plans. Here are some ways to find the perfect job for your senior years.


One way to find a great post-retirement job is to use the skills you developed in your previous line of work. Consider becoming a consultant, tutor, coach, or course instructor to share the knowledge you accumulated over your life. A job in the insurance industry is a great way to use your expertise in communication, negotiation, teamwork, and problem-solving. The insurance industry tends to be a good fit for seniors, because it requires very little formal education or specific work experience. To find out more about this industry, take some time to research insurance companies that you may be able to work for, like Lincoln Heritage. You can use sites like Indeed to learn about different companies and read reviews from people who work there. This can help you decide if this kind of employment would suit you.

 If you do end up working in sales, or any other position that requires you to stay in touch with clients, a good smartphone is essential. A reliable phone will keep you connected to your team and help you stay on top of your professional schedule. If your cell phone could use an upgrade, look for new phone models from your service provider to find something that fits your smartphone preferences and budget. You may be able to get a good deal on your purchase if you swap your old model for a new one.

[Technology in Nicaragua is essential, if you are working remotely make sure the internet connection in your area is good and what is the uptime of the service. In addition, if you decide to work remotely you may also consider if you require a power generator. We in the rural areas will lose power on average one day a month, which can impact your work if you have deadlines.

Zoom, hangouts and other platforms will be essential tools to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. ]


 Retirement is the perfect time to find work that you love, so think about how you can turn your interests into a job. If you love animals, consider working as a pet sitter, assistant trainer, or kennel attendant. If you’re apeople person, you might enjoy a job as a career counselor, PR practitioner, or sports writer. Seniors who enjoy fixing things can find work in home maintenance and home repairs. The possibilities are endless!

[Some retirees are full time housesitters moving from one gig to another and exploring the world as they move around. With covid this may change since we are all somewhat constraint in our movements between borders.

Some love to teach english to Chinese students and wake up around 3 am to teach these kids remotely, keep in mind these gigs are low paying at the start, but we are aware of one expat making $14 per hour, which is significant in our local market.

Then there are others that teach cooking or yoga. One thing is true of some expats, when they retire they have no desire to cook. ]


 Businesses are always looking for seasonal employees. Retail stores hire more staff to keep up with the holiday rush—according to Forbes,seasonal workers are in high demand in recent years! All winter, ski resorts need people to fill roles in administration, retail, marketing, and first aid. In the summer months, state fairs, pools, and amusement parks need workers. If you enjoy nature, consider working as a camp counselor, park ranger, or campground host. You can even find temporary work at your local farmer’s market and festivals!

[In Nicaragua season work will not work without a work permit, or you work for food and lodging at one of the backpacker inns]


 If you have a great service idea or a wonderful product to sell, consider starting your own business. Home-based businesses are an excellent option for seniors who are limited by mobility or just want a little more control over their working life. Sixty and Me recommends that seniorsstart a business to find a sense of purpose in retirement. A business will give you something to nurture and grow and can be a great outlet for feelings of restlessness. If you’re looking forbusiness ideas, consider becoming a freelancer, selling products online, or offering services to locals in your city.

 You may also be able to use your assets as the basis of your business. For example, you can use your car to drive people around or deliver things like packages, groceries, and restaurant food. If you own a home with a lot of extra space, you could rent out your spare rooms to vacation-goers. You can even make money using your back yard, renting it out to beekeepers or using it to grow vegetables to sell at your local farmer’s market.

[That is so true in Central America, specifically in Nicaragua where we see many younger as older expats that have started hotels, Airbnb’s, restaurants, rental car or scooters, boat rentals, real estate, wedding planner and other fields such as growing vegatbles, canning food, or premake food dishes to maximize their return as well as keep occupied and make some needed cash]

Going back to work can make your senior years more enjoyable. There are endless possibilities for work in retirement, so don’t settle for something you find dull or stressful. This is your chance to find a job that you really love!

[I would add working in Nicaragua has given a less stressful job in real estate. In US stress and constant peer pressure was endless, we certainly got rid of this problem.]

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