In the following blog I am providing a link to various websites that discuss the amazing national parks, sanctuaries we have in Nicaragua and compare these to our friends to the south Costa Rica.

I am as bold to say that Nicaragua offers the same foot print if not more space than Costa Rica as it concerns to the amount of parks and space dedicated to national parks. Here is a comparison The protected areas of Nicaragua are areas that have natural beauty or significance and are protected by NicaraguaNicaragua has 78 protected areas that cover 22,422 km² which is approx 2,242,200 hectares which equals to approx 17% of Nicaragua land mass, however Costa Rica on the other hand is smaller and has  there are 220 identified reserves in Costa Rica that in total protect around 98 000 hectares. 25-30% its territory.

Nicaragua total land mass is 130,370 sq kmland: 119,990 sq kmwater: 10,380 sq km, and Nicaragua has more lakes and the largest lake in Central America. Also known as, Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca or Granada is a freshwater lake in Nicaragua. Of tectonic origin and with an area of 8,264 km², it is the largest lake in Central America, the 19th largest lake in the world and the tenth largest in the Americas, slightly smaller than Lake Titicac

Costa total land mass is : 51,100 sq kmland: 51,060 sq kmwater: 40 sq km

In a country teeming with wildlife and diversity, there is little mystery as to why so many tourists are choosing to visit National Parks in Nicaragua instead of cities and beaches. Nicaragua has some 78 nature reserves, parks and wildlife sanctuaries filled with amazing diversity. Many of Nicaragua’s National Parks provide nearby lodging to limit wilderness camping and further damage to the environment. However, with so many to choose from, it is often difficult to decide where to start. We have provided a brief description of several National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in Nicaragua below to help get you started.

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