In this new Vlog 9 we will discuss How buyers can Purchase and Finance a home in Nicaragua.

We will discuss local Nicaraguan bank finance, possible equity loans from your US bank and finally, owner carry.

Bank financing in Nicaragua is expansive its approx 10% variable interest rate with annual reset and related expenses from insurance requirements as well as a property appraisal. That in our opinion is very expensive and most consumers from the US, Canada, and Europe will not purchase a home under these conditions.

The other item we discuss is if you own a home in US for example you may be able to get a second mortgage, we will discuss how to do that process and get an approved loan.

And finally, we will discuss how to potentially get an owner carry.

So if you are interested in this financing topic please watch Vlog 9 below.

Vlog 9 How to Purchase and Finance a home Nicaragua