Travel to Nicaragua during COVID

Here is a summary and some outlier results of a persons travel experience during covid to NIcaragua (posted with permission):

  • United Seattle>Houston>Liberia. No delays, no problems.
  • Liberia > SJDS via private transport so I could bring crates. Dennis Mendoza did an amazing job arranging everything. (NicaRides). Manuel on the CR side and Dennis on the Nicaragua border.
  • We were not asked for proof of insurance, which we had purchased through Sagicor. UPDATE – I was just reminded that we entered the Sagicor information on the CR Health Pass. Purchased Sagicor and then completed the Pass the night before travel. –
  • We were not asked for proof of Onward Travel, either by the airline or by customs, which we had purchased through
  • We were asked multiple times for our PCR test results and the CR Health Pass Q code
  • Link to the CR Health Pass

We had everything in folders ready to share, along with enough Spanish, and a shit-ton of luggage/crates as part of the move and bringing stuff down for friends, friends’ dogs, friends’ kids, and a few horses.