The Complicated Calculus of Traveling With Kids During Covid published by Bloomberg

High-end travel outfitters are building families new levels of luxury and creativity. But without vaccine access for kids, is any of it feasible? 

To the long list ing of ways that Covid-19 has changed travel, add this one: The kids’ club just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Pre-2020, glorified day care was almost an essential component of five-star family getaways. Kids could make origami butterflies or explore tide pools under the watchful eyes of resort staffers, while parents happily got reacquainted with relaxation.

But the pandemic has raised the bar on family travel. Consider a new offering from travel outfitter Black Tomato, best known for planning exotic adventures for upscale clients—and now building entire itineraries around beloved children’s stories.

The company’s new Take Me On a Story program is a fanciful step up from Harry Potter-themed walking tours. Its Oxfordshire, U.K., trip, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, includes a foraging class and a bespoke costume made by a top atelier, complete with hand-stitching and a fitting in a charming Cotswold cottage. Pricing starts at $45,000 for a family of four. As part of the Treasure Island itinerary in the British Virgin Islands (from $30,000 for four) kids can take lessons in sword fighting and celestial navigation and participate in an underwater treasure hunt. Additional options explore Arabian Nights in Morocco, Journey to the Centre of the Earth in Iceland, and Call of the Wild in Alaska.

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