Do you wish to retire overseas, here is an interesting article published by Stacker that wrote a recent article named What retirement is like in 50 places around the world for details follow this link:

As you can see Nicaragua was listed as one of the countries that should be considerd, the writer states the following:

Nicaragua: An enticing retiree benefit program

Nicaragua has a retiree benefit program: The plan, intended to encourage foreign nationals to retire in the country, includes incentives like paying no taxes on out-of-country earnings, the ability to bring up to $20,000 of household goods duty-free, and the opportunity to open a local bank account, buy items on credit, and obtain a Nicaraguan phone plan. The country’s low cost of living and the draw of the colonial, coastal towns, makes this one of the most attractive countries on the list for retirees.

We know first hand about the benefits to immigrate to Nicaragua, and the various benefits it has to offer. We relocated here in 2015 after a detailed analysis of various countries in Latin America, from Costa Rica (high prices of reale state, over supply of expats, and high cost of living), Panama (similar issues with high cost of real estate and cost of living), we also checked out Chile and Ecuador, Colombia, all amazing countries but somehow Nicaragua stole our hear in 2014, when I returned to do some work for a US client, I had been in Nicaragua for the firtst time in 1982, also for work as a agribusiness sales person selling hybrid seed to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Here is our video discussing why and how we actually came to select Nicaragua:

how and why we selected to live in Nicaragua