🔆 National Geographic UK picks Nicaragua among its Top 5 Luxury Wellness Experiences for 2021

✈️As our British partners in Travel & Tourism can see the light at the end of the tunnel after a terrible year, we will continue supporting + accelerating their sustainable, green, fair & inclusive recovery

🌎Travel & Tourism are essential for global economic recovery. In the past 5 years (prior to the pandemic) 1 in 4 new jobs in the world were created by the sector

🐵😎Nicaragua awaits travellers seeking wellbeing, luxury, nature, beach, sun, culture, fun and adventure with warm open arms, as it was awarded the WTTC Safe Travel stamp, whilst maintaining the lowest Covid-19 rates in the region

✅ #nicaragua has never closed its borders throughout the pandemic but applied strict biosafety protocols instead, local tourism re-started last year whilst international tourism is emerging as international flights resumed

🌊🏝National Geographic showcases Nicaragua’s wonderful Pacific Coast, with idyllic beaches, stunning sunsets, sensational year-round surfing, spectacular marine life watching and sustainable + luxurious + award winning boutique accommodations, such as Mukul Resort

For more information on the article ——-> https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/travel/2021/02/luxury-wellness-experiences-2021

On Nicaragua:

3. Take up surfing in Nicaragua 

A solo sport with inherent social distancing, surfing in Nicaragua comes with the added incentive of big breaks. Gentler waves can be found between September and May, and water temperatures range 25-20C annually, making surfing year-round a possibility here. The Mukul Resort offers luxury award-winning accommodation in a boutique hotel with surf experiences for groups of up to five at nearby breaks. There are sessions for beginners as well as guided half-day boat trips. 
How to do it: A private beach residence with an outdoor living area costs from $1,000 (£3,078) per night. A beginner surf lesson from specialized surf instructors Tropicsurf is $95 (£71) for 90 minutes. In-water coaching is $75 (£56) per person for an hour. tropicsurf.com

NIcaragua surf and beaches