La Purisima annual religious festival

Celebrated on Dec 8th Celebration of La Purisima – English translation Feast of the Virgin Mary – “Who causes so much joy?” – “La Concepcion de Maria” “This (shout) is the greatest cultural symbol, which identifies the Nicaraguan —child, youth, and adult— even if they are not from the Catholic brotherhood. A unique case of tradition and culture, it becomes a unique popular custom: This is the Purísima and our Marian culture. “

La Purísima is a feast to the Virgin Mary that is celebrated between November 28th and December 8th. The 7th is the culmination, with “La Gritería”. It is one of the most popular festivals of the year for most Nicaraguans inside and outside the country. The celebration brings together and attracts believers and skeptics who go out en masse to the streets to sing to each altar (shrine) of the Virgin that they come across and receive royalties in return. T

he songs have been, are, and will always be the same as those sung when the Immaculate Conception arrived in the little town of El Viejo in the arms of Don Lorenzo de Cepeda. Nicaraguans know it by heart, adults and children chant the verses of “Well Conceived”, “Your Glory, Your Glory”, “That’s why Christianity”, Oh Virgin of Concepción “,” Hail Virgin Bella “,” Hail, Hail Singing to Mary “,” Sweet Hymns “, and the traditional ” All Beautiful You Are Mary “, which ends with” Praise “. Among the most iconic products of the festivities are the cajeta milk, coconut cajeta, donkey milk (leche de burra), striped caramel, churritos, squash in honey, nancite in pickles, chimbo egg, gofio, and other traditional sweets that are part of the Nicaraguan gastronomy.

This year with more humility and gratitude we prepare to celebrate this feast with more solemnity than ever, remembering those who can no longer accompany us. Keeping our mestizo cultural identity alive in the soul. #celebration #nicaragua #Purisima

La Purisima celebration