And here is an update from Darrell Bushnell. He posted this on Expats of Granada:

Some of you appear not to be aware that Dr. Blanco is gone for at least a year but his wife, Dra Ruth Rodriguez has taken over his same office. She can be contacted directly at 8884-0167 and is also on WhatsApp. In order to garner faith in her and to give you an idea of costs and procedures for a recent hernia operation, I will give details here.

My hernia had caused my “innie” belly button to become an “outtie” and was in danger of tearing a larger hole in my intestinal wall. I had several visits with Dra Rodriguez and now consider her our family doctor though she is an anesthesiologist as her specialty. Her bedside manner is very similar to Dr. Blanco’s. In any case she recommended an immediate hernia operation. Not being a friend to pain I had put this off for many months. This past Saturday I finally had the procedure.

Dra Ruth Rodriguez handled all the details for arranging the operation and even offered to drive us to the hospital which we declined. Amy and I arrived Saturday at 6:30 AM at the Santa Gema hospital in Masaya and within an hour was prepped for surgery. There was Walter, the surgeon, Dra Ruth Rodriguez as the anesthesiologist, one other doctor and two other nurse assistants. All I remember is getting an IV, my back being swabbed with alcohol and the lights went out immediately. No counting down from 100, no strange dreams, no being aware of anything around me. Good drugs. The procedure took about an hour and I woke up in the recovery room and was out of the hospital around noon. Very clean professional operating room. Very happy with everything.

The cost for the five medical professionals was $1,000 and $400 to the hospital for the room, supplies, medicine for a week, etc. A total of $1,400 for everything. What would that cost in the states? I have a return visit to Dra Ruth Rodriguez this Friday to remove the drain and general follow up. Our dogs appear to be aware of my pain, since they cuddle up to me during the night. A couple more days and I should be back to somewhat normal, at least for me, though no golf for two weeks. If you feel obligated you can send donations to the Bushnell Golf Fund at GoFundMe.

Hope this helps some of you thinking of a replacement for Dr. Blanco. Other kids will no longer laugh at my strange belly button when we go down to the swimming hole.

Thanks for the great write up Darrell, we all wish you well.

Centro Medico Masaya, medical center in Masaya
Centro medico Masaya

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