Here is a great article on Nicaragua from the Financial Times with the headine Destination Nicaragua: a country on the brink of extraordinary change

We so agree we can feel the vibe, we can see change coming and hope this trend of opening up the country to commercial flights will bring more tourism to Nicaragua and with that jobs. More jobs are needed in this tourism sector that seemed to be in a rebound in late 2019.

With covid of course all the good things happening, got canceled, but one thing we have learned about Nicaragua, is that it’s culture, and people will bring the country back. Nicaraguans are very proud with a good work ethic. What we see in our community is the craftsman continue to work eventhough there is little to no business.

With the flights coming in we will see the slow rebirth of our tourism industry and the real estate sector. We can see more people looking at Nicaragua, asking questions about where to live, cost of living and when will flights resume. We see more US based Nicaraguans asking us about real estate espcially when prices have fallen significant these US based Nicaraguans are ready to invest in their birth country and start building their retirement nest egg.

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