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Costa Rica vs Nicaragua: A must-read comparison for travelers

by Costa Dulce Team | Feb 3, 2020 | Costa Rica vs NicaraguaEcotourismNicaragua
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Are you dreaming about the pristine beauty of Central America, with its lush jungles, magnificent volcanoes, marvelous beach scenes and diverse wildlife? You might be thinking about Costa Rica when envisioning your dream destination, but have you ever considered its neighbor Nicaragua for your next unforgettable travel experience?

Sloth mom and baby in a natural park in the south of Nicaragua

Discover our top five main reasons why Nicaragua is your travel dream coming true

1. Costa Rica vs Nicaragua: The beaches, waves & biodiversity

All beaches are not created equal. But Costa Rica and Nicaragua share both a Pacific and Atlantic coastline and so in this case beaches are created equal. Whereas the Gulf of Fonseca creates a stark break in the coast between Nicaragua and El Salvador, and Costa Rica’s southern border with Panama doesn’t share the coastal qualities that tourists flock to in the central and northern regions, much of Nicaragua’s south-Pacific coast is a carbon copy of Costa Rica’s busiest tourism beaches – minus the excess of people.

Costa Rica is well known as an ecotourism destination to find quiet beaches and lush jungles, while it is actually Nicaragua that has the largest rainforest of Central America (home to 7 % of the worlds biodiversity!). Costa Rica and Nicaragua are two beautiful places with jaw-dropping beaches and friendly locals. But if you’re looking to enjoy the marvelous sunsets, immersed in nature, while surfing uncrowded breaks, you’ll have a much easier time finding that in Nicaragua.

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