Canadian government is checking to see if any Canadians have invested in real estate ovrseas specifically rental or commercial properties.–e_w6V8W_BtziyeIIepaM2PsJTxA

Canada wants to make sure they receive the corresponding tax for these income producing properties.

First up will be in the US where we have seen substantial investment by Canadians.

Suggestion to the wise, dont post of your facebook page you have bought a property. None of us like taxation but the Tax man always wants a piece of our worth.

Of course we see a trend with more Canadians moving to Central America and of course Nicaragua. We offer many things from activities, great people, food and yes history and culture. We are a low cost country that has it all so come on over and we will show you some very interesting places to chill at and if you wish to buy we can help you with that also.

Low Cost of living in Nicaragua