After nearly a year of quarantining at home, many homeowners are putting a laser focus on their surroundings. All this time at home has made some trends less appealing, while others have soared.

Some homeowners have found they don’t have enough counter space—or the right anti-microbial surface—while other can’t find enough workspace for everyone in the house to get projects done in peace and quiet. And some have grown tired of their aqua-blue or pink shaded dining room walls that they once thought divine.

The interior designers at Living Spaces, a La Mirada, Calif.–based furniture retailer, see and hear the buzz firsthand. Staff designer Emilie Navarro says she and her colleagues source data from Google Trends to look at design ideas over time, which they use for the company’s annual report. This year’s 2021 Decor Trends: What’s Out & What’s In highlights 19 home trends the designers found to be outdated, and the chic new ones replacing them.

Here are nine of the 19 that caught our interest; the other 10 can be read follow the link ————-> in the full report.

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