Cattle and Tree Farm San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua

Cattle and Tree Farm San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua
For Sale $414,000 - Agricultural land, exclusive listing
RH-2492-property 92 manzanas

Today, I will show this “Cattle and Tree Farm San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua” Big chance to invest in San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua. If you wish to see the property. Check the next video below!

Video of the property
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  • Dairy Grazing and Processing
  • Beef Grazing
  • Fruit trees
  • Marango (Moringa Trees)

Moringa Trees:

Tree of Life. Currently only seed pods are cropped and sold (locally). Total income from current crop (seed pods only) up to $3.2m at 200 Kg per tree p.a. The trees can also be cropped for leaves and roots. This could produce up to 4 times this income with proper focus.

More than 6,000 moringa trees have been planted, 4,000 in production. 
Note: Proposed Land Uses Potreros see below for further description.

Fruit Trees:

Already planted with Bananas and Papaya, and many other tropical fruit tress will grow in this encouraging climate and landscape. Possible income of $500k per year from fruit crops.

Stock Feed:

The farm produces all its own stock feed (corn, grass, special protein crops and so on. Self sufficient in feed and water)

Sugar Cane:

Some areas already planted in Cane Sugar. There is a local plant and this provides a ready market, and also a supply of molasses.

Cattle and Tree Farm San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua

Cattle and Tree Farm San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua
Drone view

Development or Investment:
Land prices in Nicaragua are comparatively low, similar to Costa Rica 30 or 40 years ago. Now land prices in neighboring Costa Rica are very high and Nicaragua will follow suit certainly.

Land is readily available from neighboring lots, and the farm could be doubled or more in size easily by acquiring unimproved lots that border the existing land.

The farm is 50 Km from Managua and 10 Km from the coast – an ideal location for a rural retreat with all the produce to support a vibrant enterprise.

  • Land locations and size: 850 meters of river frontage / Potreros, 92  manzanas and 1 waterhole.
  • Forage (Gamba, Brecharias, and Estrella pastures)
  • Woods (Natural forages)
  • Moringa (4,000 trees in production)

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Additional Details

  • Land Use: Agriculture - tree farming or cattle, dairy operation
  • Near by: New slaughter operation
  • Utility access: water and electrical power nearby
  • Financing: Owner financing is available with strong downpayment

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