Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua

Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua
Calle del Cacique Nicarao, Urb. Santa María, El Crucero (Municipio), Managua, 16100, Nicaragua
For Sale $130,000 - Agricultural land, Farm, Home, Quinta, Residential, Single Family Home
RH-12928-property 24,560 ft² 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage 2,230 ft²

If you’re looking for a home with a farm all in one, this is your BEST OPTION! Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua, Nicaragua. ✔️GREAT DEAL.

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Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua

Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua
Infront View

Small farm for sale in Managua, Nicaragua. This is a homestead with a great open green area. There are 3 raised garden beds, 2 small fenced garden beds, 2 storage sheds, a chicken coop, rabbit cages, and delicious fruit trees.

This property is located right outside Santa Maria Gated Community. The guard stand is almost the property´s wall, therefore you don’t have to pay the equivalent of the HOA 😉

What can I find around the property? There are churches, schools, restaurants, hotels, and Panamericana highway. Also, only 30 minutes to the center of Managua. Great location, pretty safe and relaxed.

Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua
Private parking

The parking area is enough for 3 or 5 cars. There is the sliding gate.

Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua
Storage Shed

There are 2 storage sheds. One with a concrete floor and the second one w/dirt floor.

Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua
Chicken coop

Totally fenced-in chicken run.

Raised garden beds

Would you like to farm your own vegetables in your backyard? Well, you have 3 Raised garden beds for your availability.

Small Fenced Garden Bed

If it isn’t enough the raised garden beds? Well, there are 2 small fenced garden beds for your availability as well.

Water Tank

This water tank has 2 different uses. First, you can have backup water with 1,100lts of capacity with a pump system, the second one, the water tank is connected with solar panels which heat the water to have hot water inside the house.

Fruit trees

The property has several kinds of fruit trees like avocado, banana, plantains, coffee plants, and more.

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  • GREAT DEAL! Home For Sale with Huge Garden in Managua Nicaragua
    Amazing Homestead For Sale in Managua
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